What is ArtsFwd?

ArtsFwd is an online community of arts and culture leaders committed to doing things differently in their organizations in order to adapt to today’s rapidly changing world.

We engage this community by sharing stories, providing tools, and fostering dialogue that celebrates the challenges, discoveries, and achievements of those who boldly experiment in pursuit of truly adaptive strategies.

We recognize that openness to adaptability in the arts and culture field will not be catalyzed by any centralized edict, but rather by a growing critical mass of local, intrepid leaders who will influence a call for actionable change in their organizations.

Our goal is to accelerate the journey towards a tipping point when generating and implementing adaptive change strategies is recognized as a new organizational discipline and crucial to the future of the field.

How do I engage with ArtsFwd?

  • Read and watch our Innovation Stories, which feature arts and culture organizations from across the country putting new programs, models, and strategies into action.
  • Share your perspective with other leaders, practitioners, administrators, and funders in the field by becoming a Blogging Fellow, commenting on our blog, and chatting with us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Participate in one of our exciting contests and competitions, such as last year’s Innovation Story Contest or theĀ Business Unusual National Challenge.
  • Take your learning “offline” with our downloadable tools and activities you can try at your own organization to engage your colleagues in learning about leadership, teamwork, organizational change, and new frameworks.

ArtsFwd is driven by YOU. Our community is comprised of leaders, administrators, practitioners, funders, and others in the field who help us shape this resource into a vibrant place of learning and sharing around some of the most complex and persistent challenges facing the arts and culture sector today.

Join us! Learn more about how you can participate.